Visit to the Hemp House!

Last Friday we went up to visit Loveland Hemp Co's Hemp House in Loveland! Hempcrete and Hemp plaster have so much potential as an insulator, fire-resistant and sustainable building material. It was a real pleasure to see the house during the construction process. Thanks for the invite Loveland Hemp Co! Keep up the good work!



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Close Up Hemp Plants for Hemp Products

Our 1 oz tinctures contain one month’s serving of CBD oil made from organically grown hemp.  We use locally grown hemp and pair it with certified organic ingredients.  MoonRise Extracts CBD...


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Learn About Hemp

Learn About Hemp

Hemp has been grown for its fiber and edible seed for millennia.  It has less than 0.3% THC and has no pshycoactive effects.  The Hemp seed is high in absorbable protein& an excellent source of omega 3 & 6...

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Hemp Oil Farm

MoonRise Extracts is a Colorado  company promoting the use of hemp for health and wellness.  Our broad range of products is a direct result of our commitment to maximizing the potential from the hemp plant.  

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